Tuesday, August 23, 2011

the India Day in NYC!!

Hellooo everyone..:-)
I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend....
We had a chilled out weekend- didnt do much-just a bit of Eid shopping for the kids (want to make it slightly momentous for them-being away from family), watched a couple of Harry Potter movies and had loads and loads of popcorn!
and on Sunday went for the India Day Parade....
I didnt know that India had such a presence in New York that a week after 15th August...we actually take out a Parade annually showcasing India and its color and music and that also in the middle of Manhatten!!!
the roads are cordoned off,  with immense NYPD presence and lots of shor sharaba(typical indian ishtyle)! hahaha...you can hear the dhinchak dhinchak from faaaar away...
there are all the various channels like Sony,Times Now, lots of Indian businesses, all taking out thier own show on the road.
many of the stalls were giving out freebies as well as droves of desis turning up to cheer thier country on!
there is bhangra, gujarati and rajasthani dances...as well as a lot of filmy bollywood dances...
most of the NYPD policemen patrolling the roads are all Indians...and they are interviewed and photographed by everyone...so they get to feel really important on at least one day of the year!
There is of course the celebrity factor also-last year was Preity Zinta, this year it was Rani Mukherjee!!
hahaha...and it was becoz of these celebrities that the parade was one and a half hour late to start!
We indian will continue to keep to the "indian standard time" even here in a foreign land!
but it was fun...the weathergods were also kind and though it was cloudy(thankfully) it didnt rain...
there were a lot of youngsters who were all into the current topic raging in our homeland...the "ANNA" factor-complete with the white gandhian cap and the pro anna slogans.
there was old gentleman standing near me who kept chanting and occasionally yelling bharat mata ki jai and anna zindabad in the same breath!  :-)
there were indians dressed in all thier fancy desi clothes complete with the gota lachka and all!
It was like one Big Indian Mela in the middle of Manhatten with the NYPD band actually playing our national anthem with full flair!
It was awesome to watch and brought out all out patriotic enthusiasm and we sang and clapped along with full josh!

the tagline says it all!

Bhangra in the middle of Manhattan


  1. once again amazing post! India celebrations are great in NYC. And bhabi heres our blog address: http://twomuzzylims.wordpress.com/ eeek! Can't believe we are starting to share it publicly. Anyways hop on and happy reading :)

  2. must have been a load of fun..!! glad you are having such a blast in NYC... :)
    the kids must have loved it as well.. :)

  3. hey,mus hv been quite a sight!!i wasn't aware of this parade..!am sure it gives tht li'll extra bit of pleasure in cheering ur country in a foriegn land.........


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