Tuesday, July 26, 2011

some doodles done on the campsite...near the lake shore...
i know they are just doodles-will hopefully get a better as i practice more and get the juices running in my hand...
'but its good to be sketching after sooooo long.
they have all been done with a pen and washes of ink...enjoy!


  1. love the sketches/ doodles Maryam and also the ones on Flickr...great going girl...i really think u've made a terrific start by posting regularly which is the hardest thing to do...kudos and all the best :-)- Puja

  2. all the best for yr latest obsession :-) ...we are all cheering you on!!!

  3. Thanx Maryam.......... Loved the sketches. Great going ........... Looking forward to see more of daal donuts and doodles.

  4. The lady sitting next to the tree looks familiar. Great doodles. Keep doodling.

  5. thank you gunjan and col sanjay... look forward to more comments from you both...after all aap log hi hamare muse hain! :-)

  6. apa these sketches r aaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzinnng
    teach me too apa,wil u ???????<3


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