Thursday, July 28, 2011

the "mindblogging" blogosphere!

homespunaround.blogspot.comBefore I came to this side of the world, when I was in my cozy little Indian scenario and my only connection to the internet was for facebook/ emails/  and my so called "busy" freelancing sites-I didnt realise exactly what blogging was....
oh of course I knew what blogging was..I knew that all the celebrities were either tweeting or blogging but (with my nose up in the air) didnt have the inclination for it!!!
Blogging was either done by the reps of the celebrities and those normal people who did do it...probably didnt have a life-hence they spent all of it on the internet!

Then, when in India,I had more time, more help, I wasnt even willing to explore the HUGE world and the possibilities of the blogosphere....
And now when I dont have the time, have the whole household chores from sweeping, to mopping, to cooking, to dishes, to laundry, to ferrying the kids here and there(whew!!) on my weary shoulders-I have suddenly discovered the fascinating new world of blogging!
the logic and the timing beats me!
but fascinating it is!!
And it kind of sucks you in...I am ironing clothes and have a smile on my face...
Because I am thinking of what a lovely parody of a poem I can write on the woes of ironing this huge pile of soon as I am done!
and mind you I am not at all the poetic kind!!!
and it is another matter that the poem never gets penned down because by the time I do get the time to sit on the computor after catering to the needs of my brood...the words have all gone up in the steam of the iron!!
thats the irony of it!!  :-)
But blogging has another release...its like a monologue that you have with yourself and no one is there to interrupt you... how liberating is that??
You can go on and on and on (like I am) on any topic in the world that moves you, inspires you, makes you angry.... write articles, poems, sketch, paint, doodle,make craft, have tutorials, post recipes,...
and there will be someone somewhere who will read you, maybe even appreciate you,
If nothing else you have still got your old faithful friends out there who hopefully will read all your posts and be too polite to say that you suck!!  (hint, hint!!)
Maybe there might be someone somewhere who likes your warped sense of humour/ weird style of sketching/ even some old recipe of your grandma can strike gold and suddenly you have a book deal!!
hahahahaah.....anything can come true in this weird world of the internet!
so...have I inspired/ moved anyone else enough to join the blogosphere with me???
we can go tumbling down this maze together!!
And since coming onto the blogging world I have suddenly realized that there are so many of my friends who are already at it or are taking baby steps like I am....
so I am not actually alone in taking this crazy step!
Its heartening to see that there are a lot of fauji wives as well who are letting thier creative juices flow onto the internet and its a lot of fun following them...  (a bogger baby like me)  ( a freelance writer with well written prose)  (beautiful evocative poems)
one friend is   (a freelance writer on life and motherhood)
there are more and more friends out there who I will discover slowly and surely and it will be fun to take you all along with me...enjoy the ride!


  1. love it!!!! you write so well mashaAllah! it almost feels like i can hear you speak...(yeah its a filmy thought but i really can!!!) can't wait to read more of your blog posts. Raqib and I have been toying with the idea to start a blog as well..but we are so darn lazy that blogs have been created and left...Lets see if we can encourage each other enough to go down this path and hopefully be faithful.

  2. its always fun reading your blog... to be honest i too have toyed with idea of blogging but thats what its always been .. an idea... i have no idea what i would write about... or if any one would even be interested in what i have to say.. would it be like writing in your diary..?? but then again its all too personal... and frankly who would be interested in your everyday musings..?? anyways... love your blog.. its like having a one way conversation with you without the phone bills.. :) i want more doodles.. :)

  3. Good read!!! blogging is what started me and now i'm writing books!!!!!

  4. loved it ..great sense of blogging craze started some months back ..was waiting for suresh's big day to be announced...which finally happnd last week,then it came as a surprise(or shock?????)for him...keep posting ,for me if nothing else gives me my ME-time..after ages.......enjoy blogging away Ur time.

  5. hey maryam....thanks for mentioning me in your mindblogging blogosphere:-)....yeah i took a while too in actually getting into blogging...i created a blog back in 2008 but never made it public was only last year that i started in earnest...even then i haven't been as regular as i wanted....and somehow am never able to publish the very spontaneous blogs i write...they seem too raw, too personal to share...but i love the fact that u are so spontaneous...that's the spirit of blogging and i am really envious coz u can illustrate your writings with your lovely doodles which i cannot even do in my dreams:-)...grt work...keep it up!!!

  6. Amusing and spontaneous writing.You have natural flair for writing. Collection of these writings can take shape of a book.Apiya's talent and Shaadbhai's zest for life have created this shahkaar which is known as "sheeba".
    Kamal Mamma

  7. thank you sarah...all yours and raqib's encouragement has got me started..
    and you guys MUST have a blog-esp of yr photography and the captions that you write...they are killing!!
    saffu-i know the initial step is difficult..but once you start writing-there is no stopping...
    i had a writer's block-hadnt written for years and felt i could never write again-even a simple essay took a lot of effort...
    but i am loving it extremely liberating!
    pooja(rauthan)-i didnt know you were writing a book....awesome-way to go will be an inspiration to all of us!!
    sindhu-thank you..i never knew i had a sense of humour...but blogging was never a craze for me-didnt have the time or the inclination...pata nahi yeh beemari kaise lag gayi!!
    pooja(chandra)- i love the way you write-its just like you so dont change... but yes a number of times you feel "have i written too much"
    par theek hai yaar...sometimes one has to let go!
    kamal mamma-thank you sooooooo much-you have said such nice things...i am touched that you can see both my parents in me :-)


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