Tuesday, July 26, 2011

camping under the stars!

We finally did it!! We finally went camping with our friends after days of something or the other cropping up and our plans being postponed to "maybe next weekend?"
We have come back with a nice tan (didnt want it but couldnt help it), memories of romance under the stars, excellent kodak moments, and the fact that my elder son has finally mastered the art of cycling without toppling over and also learnt that fishing in the middle of the lake under the blazing sun is not all fun!

The campsite was in upstate New York-one of the most picturesque places in the state of New York.
When we reached the camping spot on the banks of a beautiful lake it was already dusk and we had to put up our tent for the first time in near complete darkness....
no electricity in these campsites-except in the toilets...
We fumbled and cursed but we had it up sooner than expected and my dear husband appreciated the amount of effort that goes in putting up tents in the Indian fauji environment...
hah...tell that to the poor jawans that actually do it!
these tents are effortless!
Next day was a morning of relaxing on the shore of the lake-rowing, swimming, fishing, cycling and sketching (yes i did manage to sketch a little)!!
Early evening we all hiked to a waterfall where the water was refreshingly cold and all of us jumped in,again...(it was hot and humid,what can i say!)
Had barbecue, bonfire and music that night-couldnt dance because the music couldnt be too loud, lest it disturbed the others.....but it didnt matter-it had been a wonderful day!
Next day while our friends went off on a long cycling race,we explored the neighboring countryside...the quaint villages on the way back to New York...
You know every town here has its own flavor and environment...the feeling in the air if you know what i mean....everything slows down in these towns...no one is in a rush!
The houses are not cookie cut town houses or buildings-they all have thier own individual look.
Some are like doll houses bang on the road...some are like tiny mansions...some have a beautiful front yard covered with flowers...while some are on top of tiny hillocks!
I have a folder that has all the photographs of these lovely houses that my husband has named "maryam's dream homes"  and dream homes they are...  :-)
In one of the villages that we passed through I visited an amazing antique shop that had items like a tiny pot shaped wooden salt and pepper set to delicate old tiffany styled lamp shades to ancient retro prints and paintings!!
For an artoholic like me...it was fun browsing through them much to my poor family's boredom.
the blown glass studio across the road,though pricey was also worth a visit...
Another visit to a really cute designer store,down the road that had amazing hand crafted souvenirs made my son finally lose his patience and throw a tantrum!
My dear husband had not a flicker of impatience on his face (how i love you for that) but i had to bow to my son's wishes and abandon the thought of entering an adorable tea house and finally drive on...
The stop for lunch was lucky for me...while they ordered-i wandered down the next lane to a flea market and it turned out to be a treasure trove....
I had always wanted to visit flea markets of America-even a yard sale...I have heard so much about them!
And this sunday flea market had tiny ancient wooden toy cars (as old as 1910) to beautifully painted old plates and saucers, to amazingly crafted brooches and hiarpins....
to old first editions comics and magazines and books.....
it was amazing!
they even had old clothes for children!!!
When I finally joined my harassed family for lunch, my elder son had given up on me... labelled me a child and washed his hands off my childish exuberance!
hahaha....but i am having the time of my life and its such a welcome feeling to share my joy and enthusiasm with everyone!


  1. excellent writeup!! vivid and fun

  2. thank you pooja...
    its good to be writing again after so long!

  3. apne saath-saath humein bhi America ghuma rahi hain?! :P

  4. bilkul nida...thats the fun of it...the sharing of the grt experiences along the way!! hope you enjoy them!


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