Saturday, July 30, 2011

Age of innocence

Yesterday when I was walking my son back home from his karate classes he told me that he wants to be a rapper.....
"a WHAT????" I asked baffled (just months back when in India he hadnt even known what a rap song was....and here he was just four months old in the U.S. and he wants to be a rapper!!)
After a lot of prodding he says that he is inspired by a serial he sees on cartoon network where the main character is a boy in a yellow shirt who raps and dances very well...

Thursday, July 28, 2011

the "mindblogging" blogosphere!

homespunaround.blogspot.comBefore I came to this side of the world, when I was in my cozy little Indian scenario and my only connection to the internet was for facebook/ emails/  and my so called "busy" freelancing sites-I didnt realise exactly what blogging was....
oh of course I knew what blogging was..I knew that all the celebrities were either tweeting or blogging but (with my nose up in the air) didnt have the inclination for it!!!
Blogging was either done by the reps of the celebrities and those normal people who did do it...probably didnt have a life-hence they spent all of it on the internet!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

some more sketches!

 some pen sketches done while all of us were waiting for our kids at the karate was raining cats and dogs outside so couldnt go for a walk like i usually do when my son has his karate classes...
hence the sketches done of various parents-waiting...watching...thinking... hope you like them!!
would love some feedback and comments on my posts-it gets me going!!
so look forward to hearing from you guys on and off so that i know that there are people out there who are reading my posts!!

camping under the stars!

We finally did it!! We finally went camping with our friends after days of something or the other cropping up and our plans being postponed to "maybe next weekend?"
We have come back with a nice tan (didnt want it but couldnt help it), memories of romance under the stars, excellent kodak moments, and the fact that my elder son has finally mastered the art of cycling without toppling over and also learnt that fishing in the middle of the lake under the blazing sun is not all fun!

Friday, July 22, 2011

summer..o summer...

its hot.....and i dont mean HOT like back home in india,but hot neverthless.
the heat gets to you when you venture out of your A.C. homes...the sun rays  are like pinpricks on your skin but as here in Amreekah its all a way to get a nice "tan" everyone (excluding me) loves it!!
everyone slathers on tanning lotions and are out in droves...
sunning themselves on benches,beaches,water parks,roadside cafes,parks......everywhere!
summer here means PAAARRTYYYY!!!

a few baffling things of "Amreekah"

to begin with...for a person coming for the first time to stay in Amreekah notwithstanding the short visits to Singapore and Dubai, is an eye opener....
the initial confusion was mindboggling...everything was opposite from what we did back home in India.
we were prepared for the driving on the opposite side of the road-but the door opening from the other end???
the gas knob turning on in the opposite direction and the electric switches confused me for more days than i like to remember.
and the taps...aah the taps.....
no matter which way i tried to turn them on...they left me feeling like a fool (and especially if you had a line of impatient people waiting behind you)!
one turned left to right-the other one up and down...
one had a half hidden knob that you had to pull out, that some very patient lady pointed out (how was i to know?)
and if that was not enough-the touch/motion sensitive ones drove me MAD!!
each one had a different sensor and you felt like an idiot moving your hand all over the tap trying to find the hidden magic place...
the only solution is that i make sure that i wait behind someone heading for the basin and watch them carefully (ignoring her suspicious glances)
these are just a few...will write some more as and when they crop up!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

why daal,donuts and doodles?

hi everyone....
i am Maryam, a mother of two boys aged seven and two and a work at home mom who specializes in children's books and portraits.
my husband is in a job that involves lots of moving,in fact in my eight years of married life we have changed homes/cities at least ten times,so hence the blog name home is always spun around!!
having just moved to the U.S. four months back, i had my hands full with the activities of my two boys and settling down in a new country,but i was lonely....
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