Friday, July 20, 2018

"Make this Artwork in your style" challenge plus a video

There is a trending hashtag on various social media platforms of the art circles...
Wherein you take an existing artwork of an artist, and try and make the same character/ scene in your particular style.
I took a cute artwork by Samantha Germaine Sim (Instagram: violet1202) and and made it my own and I am loving how its come out!
I was also itching to try out some photoshop brushes to see how they work and the texture they can give...
still working around making them a part of my multilayered style.

and here's a peek into the original illustration and my spin-off!

I also made a small 4 minute video of the coloring process of the illustration.
I do hope you like it and it inspires someone to try thier hand in photoshop.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Need a vacation... now that I am back from a vacation!

Who feels me on this?
Esp when you've just come back from a break which technically was NOT a break coz u were pandering to the needs and requirements of others...namely your own kids!
so now u feel u need a vacation away from everyone!
just to be you, and pander to the needs of just you!

p.s. This illustration has been made digitally on a Wacom Intous tablet and is slightly different in style than what I usually make for myself in the loose sketchy fashion.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

July 2018 Desktop calendar: Baarish ka maza!

Its raining here, finally!!
After a really hot spell during which we have been fasting and travelling... the Indian Monsoons have arrived and they bring so much joy with it.
So this month's calendar is dedicated to the pure, unadulterated happiness of dancing in the rains...
Throw away that umbrella... kick off those shoes and just let the rain wash away all your worries and problems....
Have fun, dance, jump in the puddles.
Be a child again!

And this one is for your phone or tablet.
Just download, and save as your Desktop/phone screen saver.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Ramzan Mubarak.

The holy month of Ramadan or as we call it in the subcontinent "Ramzan" is here.
Time for fasting, praying, keeping away from all vices and regenerating mind, body and spirit...
Reconnecting with your soul and giving charity, helping the needy...
That is the spirit of Ramzan.
Happy fasting everyone.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

May 2018 Desktop Calendar... a watercolor Lily

I have realised one thing.... I love teaching art.
That doesnt mean that I want to be an art teacher in a school, I am still petrified of that...
and much to the disappointment of my kids...
Mainly the responsibility that comes with it.
I like teaching art on my own terms, at my own pace and as and when the mood takes me.
And also, because I am a little too social... I love meeting people and talking.
Again- not yak yak yak, all the time...thats soooo not me, but meeting people, knowing them, they knowing me....
Especially as we move to a new place every two years! 
So every two years you've gotto try and break the ice, make new acquaintances and who knows... good friends eventually?
And Army is a funny place...
As one's husband moves up in the hierarchy... no one wants to talk to you or take the first step!!
believe me when I say... NO ONE...
You are too senior for that and I've realised just how lonely that gets....
Especially if you are working from home, and haven't picked up a job in one of the schools (where you automatically make friends) 
So the only time you meet other people is, if u see them on a daily walk- you exchange smiles and move on...
You meet in a formal fauji party, you do small talk...
and thats it!!
You just dont end up laughing, joking with other people!!!
Getting to know them... gossip, talk inane stuff....
So what better way to break the ice?
Teach art, discuss art.... and over a hot cuppa coffee... discuss husbands and kids!
And voila you've broken the ice!

So my art classes are just that.
A good way to break the ice, get people together... have coffee, and have fun!
I have finished two batches already, of sketching-different levels.... will be putting up some demo sketches soon.
And the watercolor classes are coming along really well.
My rusty hands are getting to practice (rusty coz I have gotten too used to working digital and watercolor needs regular work!)
My students are practicing hard and blooming every day.
Its awesome to see them grow in the capabilities and the wonder and love that they develop of the scary medium that is watercolor!
Most of the work that I teach is not original... its mostly copywork from pretty watercolors or photographs off Pinterest or shutterstock...
so that they get the hang of copying first... then, I will be teaching them how to make thier own original art.
That will be fun.

So as its already the 7th of May, I thought why not convert a pretty lily watercolor (from a photograph) into this month's calendar.
I have also made a tiny 5 minute video of the entire process which will be up on Youtube as soon as I get the editing done.
Imovie is supposed to be easy... but learning the ropes on my own is pretty darn difficult... its trial and error most of the time, and bcoz you did just one thing wrong... you've gotto start again!
Its frustrating and eats up a lot of my time... but I have to get my Youtube Channel working ASAP!!
its high time, and Ive got soooooo many things to share and teach :-)
I told you, I am social!!
And virtual friends are another set of friends that I need...

and this one is for the phone or the tablet!

Save, and enjoy!

p.s.... These images are for u to enjoy personally.
They are copyrighted and NOT to be used for commercial purposes.
Thank you!

Monday, April 30, 2018

Monday Moment with my sketchbook! Some sketches, and a coupla cute watercolors

Just picked up a lovely brush pen from a Delhi stationary and I am loving it!
The lines are crisp, whether they are thin or thick and the ink is excellent-dark and deep....
Perfect for outlines and inking.

I am also busy with a few on-off art classes that I have been taking as per my schedule and the schedule of the busy-bee Army wives.
They are eager learners and are growing in thier expertise in leaps and bounds.
Here is a peek into a cute little watercolor portrait that I had done a while back:

And this is what I made for my FASHION FRIDAY!!
What I wore for a fun brunch date at a friend's place!

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